Activating the quiet participants in the discussion

  • As the discussion progresses, in your mind, pay attention to who has not said anything, yet.
  • Say that you hope as many participants as possible would participate in the discussion. “For a successful dialogue, it is usually important that as many people as possible participate in the discussion. This does not mean that everyone must speak equally much, but that everyone has a chance to speak if they wish.”
  • Stop the conversation for a moment and say you would like to hear what the people who have not said anything yet have in mind. “We have already heard some of you. Therefore, next I will ask what those of you who have not said anything yet have in mind?”
  • If the group is large or the atmosphere is tense, you can steer the participants to talk in pairs or small groups for a moment. After that, you can ask especially those people to speak who have until then been quiet. “With the people next to you, talk about what kind of thoughts this discussion has up to now evoked in you. Then we can also hear thoughts from those who have not spoken yet.”

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