Let’s become the best in constructive dialogue!

What’s Timeout about?

Timeout is a new way to generate and have constructive discussions. You can use Timeout-dialogue whenever a deeper understanding of the topic or an equal encounter is required.

More about Timeout

We are concerned about the polarisation of society and the tensions increasing within it. The ability and will to engage in constructive discussion are increasingly important so that we can understand each other in spite of our different backgrounds.

Antti Arjava, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Timeout Foundation

Summary of Lockdown Dialogues gives an overview of the current situation in society

The Lockdown Dialogues gave a unique picture of the lives of different groups in society from the start of the COVID-19 epidemic to the present.

Summary of Lockdown Dialogues

I have seen several times how the method works, and seen that discussion is worthwhile. Joint encounters have touched people who are very different from one another. Finland’s social peace will strengthen through dialogue.

Laura Arikka, CEO, Timeout Foundation