Stages and objectives of the discussion - Start here

The discussion stages help you get an idea of the different steps in the discussion from the beginning to the end.

Next, to help you implement the discussion, download the template for planning a discussion. The template contains questions that will help you move on.

Objectives of the discussion:

A clear objective helps define the reason for organising the discussion. What need does the discussion meet, what is it aimed at and what is expected to happen after the discussion? The need for the discussion and the objective may be two different things. If there is not a clear need for a discussion, you should not organise one.

Examples of objectives:

  1. Increasing understanding of the topic under discussion
  2. Gaining an understanding of the different points of view and the reasons behind them
  3. A joint discussion on topics before decision-making or as part of preparations
  4. Strengthening the sense of inclusion among people who come from different backgrounds or organisations
  5. Engaging people in the topic discussed
  6. Preventing or mediating a conflict situation

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