Wrapping up the discussion

The dialogue may be followed by work on finding solutions, preparation or making decisions. The deeper understanding of the topic gained in the dialogue may enhance the work on the following stages, but you should keep the dialogue clearly separate from them. Read more about the stages following a dialogue in here.


The form of wrapping up depends on what will happen after the dialogue and who will participate. You should plan the wrapping up together with the party wanting to take advantage of the understanding formed in the dialogue. What is the understanding needed for and exactly what information do they need? You should already define this when you decide what the objectives of the discussion are. Agree on wrapping up the discussion in advance also with the participants.

A recorder recording the entire discussion will be required for the wrapping up. It is important that the recorder does not evaluate the different points of view, but records everything fairly and accurately, using the same words as the speakers. After the discussion has been ended, you should go over the summary of the discussion together with the group. The recorder should form themes, pick up the central content of the dialogue and verify it with quotes from the participants.

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