The National Dialogues consist of a series of dialogues, inviting as many different types of organisations and individuals as possible to participate. The purpose of the National Dialogues is to build a common understanding of different societal phenomena, challenges and opportunities through the participants’ experiences. A summary of all the discussions is compiled and published after the round of discussions. The collected information is compiled for the benefit of everyone and is delivered to the state and municipalities to use.

This autumn’s discussion dates are scheduled for October 10th and November 30th, and all organisations and associations are welcome to participate. The goal is for the discussions to be beneficial for the discussion organisers’ activities and organisations themselves, such as providing new knowledge and ideas. The discussion organisers are offered short training sessions to facilitate the dialogues and are provided with support in the process of inviting participants. Registration for the discussion days can be done through the National Dialogues website.

The theme of this autumn’s dialogues was selected by active organisations that participated in the dialogues organised in the spring of 2023. Dialogues are held on topics on which more in-depth understanding is needed in Finland and which concern a large number of citizens at the national level. The topic of the dialogue and its handling must not exclude any particular group of people. In addition, a broader understanding of the subject must also benefit the public administration.


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