DEMOS addresses problems identified in all partner countries: the lack of dialogue, the crisis of democracy, growing social polarization, and difficulties in conflict resolution and communication among people with different opinions and viewpoints.

The project is led by three partners: Timeout Foundation from Finland, Hermes from Croatia and Fundacja Wspierania Dialogu “Rozmawiajmy” from Poland, with funding provided by Erasmus+.

The main objectives of the DEMOS project are: 

  1. To increase societal dialogue
  2. To increase dialogue competences of the citizens
  3. To learn more about democracy in an inspiring and constructive way
  4. To support the feeling of belonging and to alleviate loneliness
  5. By achieving these objectives, the project aims to strengthen the culture of democracy.

Between October 2023 and January 2024, the Democracy Dialogues – DEMOS researchers team conducted a brief survey about perceptions of democracy in their own countries as well as in the European Union. The report, inspired by the survey responses from participants in Croatia, Finland, Poland and other European countires, pointed us in the direction of what key topics, hopes and concerns citizens have about the state of democracy today. You can read the results of the study here.

We will soon be publishing the DEMOS Dialogue method as a tool to discuss important societal issues in your local area. The DEMOS Dialogue method supports equal encounters and constructive societal conversations about various topics related to democracy.

Using this method, you can invite people from different backgrounds to gather together, share their experiences on different phenomena, and listen to others. The DEMOS Dialogue method helps participants learn more about themselves, others, and democracy, while also encouraging civic engagement in their local area.

In addition to the DEMOS dialogue method, we will be publishing:

  • Democracy Dialogue Cards: These cards are part of the DEMOS Dialogue method. They help you learn more about various democracy-related topics and facilitate your own dialogue.
  • Training package: This package supports facilitators and can be disseminated for further use.
  • Website: The website will contain all developed materials available for anyone to download free of charge.
  • Communications Material: This material supports organizers and facilitators in arranging their own DEMOS Dialogue gatherings.


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