The project launched on Monday November 16th will go on for five years and is coordinated by Timeout Foundation and The Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE). Together we want to create safe spaces for discussion and our goal is that participating in the mutual discussion would be more pleasant for all Finns in the future.

According to a new opinion poll implemented by Yle up to 60% of the Finnish population experience that the discussion atmosphere has worsened. Four out of five Finns longs for more respect towards each other in media and in social media. A fourth of the Finnish population does not want to participate in the societal discussion as they fear other people’s reactions.

The opinion poll also shows that Finns really enjoy a good discussion! Four out of five enjoys deep discussions and over a half of the respondents miss more opportunities for calm discussions. We want to offer more of these opportunities.

– We are happily joining the cooperation with Yle. The project is a remarkable step for improving Timeout in general. Through this cooperation we gain a multiple impact for Timeout, says Antti Arjava, chair for Timeout Foundation and Secretary General for the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Different actors have been invited to join the implementation of the project. Local, global, and national actors and private persons have already joined such as the Office of the President of the Republic of Finland, the Football Association of Finland, the Parliament of Finland and the Guides and Scouts of Finland.

Veera Heinonen, member of the board for Timeout Foundation and the Director for Communications and Public Affairs for the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra sees it important that the project includes many different actors:

– Only a constructive discussion enables a functioning democracy and a whole society. On the other hand, confrontation and increasing polarization leaves out most of the population, which weakens the participation in society.

The project Well said – respectful discussion in Finland will be seen on various channels such as radio, television, online, social media and as part of different events.

– A good discussion atmosphere always begins with oneself. Each one of us can affect what kind of discussion atmosphere we have in Finland. The project Well said is a great indication that many different actors regards it as important to strengthen the discussion atmosphere and through that the participation and democracy. The Timeout-Dialogue is a good way to invite different people around the same circle to discuss in an equal and constructive way about important matters, says Laura Arikka, CEO for Timeout Foundation.

All discussion materials and tools for Timeout-Dialogue can be found on the webpage for the Foundation and they are free to use.


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